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natural remedies for sick cats
29July 2015

When you confess that you’re trying natural remedies to help your sick cat, many people will look at you sideways.


They’ll picture you with your head thrown back howling at the moon.
They’ll imagine you waving a magic wand over your furry little patient.

How ridiculous.

Chances are, you’re trying natural remedies because cat diseases don’t always respond to mainstream medicine!

Maybe you’ve found that:

1. Conventional medicine won’t help, or

2. A natural approach will be gentler on your cat.

These are perfectly viable reasons to try natural remedies.

But just try explaining that to people who don’t have a sick cat!treat your sick cat with natural remedies


They simply don’t understand cat diseases can lead to a state of emergency in your furry family.

This is serious business.
It’s life changing.

So of course you want to try all possible ways of helping your precious furry patient.

You haven’t gone completely nuts.

You’re not dancing naked under a full moon with your little cat.

You’re simply keeping an open mind.

You’re willing to try a range of natural remedies which may not be mainstream – but just might help your sick cat feel better.


Natural Medicine Gives You More Treatment Options


With my little cat Moofy’s cancer, traditional medicine could only offer risky surgery that might disable her.
And even if it didn’t, the operation wouldn’t cure her.
Her tumor would soon be back.

To me, that sounds like a much crazier option than exploring natural remedies.

So I never cared when people would look at me like I was part Crazy Cat Lady, and part Wicked Witch of the West.

Let them think I was busy stirring some more eye of newt into my iron cauldron.

When someone asked, “How’s Moofy doing?” I would smile, and straighten my pointy hat.

And I would think for a second about how much to share.

natural remedies for cats just might help

Should I explain how homeopathic medicine, polarised light therapy or herbal tonics work?

Should I talk to them about animal communication, and how Moofy could send me messages about her needs?

Sometimes I did.

But usually, I just went with the safer answer: “Moofy’s doing great, thanks”.

Because here’s the thing.

My decision to try natural remedies for my precious cat wasn’t a random choice.

I wasn’t being reckless, or ignoring conventional wisdom.

I did try mainstream animal medicine.
I had multiple vet visits with Moofy.

But mainstream treatments couldn’t help.

So that left me with a choice.

I could do nothing…or I could see what alternatives Moofy and I had.

That made the choice very simple.

I never thought it was crazy to try a wide range of natural remedies to help my cat.


Moofy didn’t think it was crazy either.

She was the happiest cat cancer patient I’ve ever seen.
And I know I made the right choices for her.

It’s easy to dismiss natural remedies as a lot of mumbo jumbo.
That is, until you have to deal with one of the tricky cat diseases out there.

If your vet can’t help, surgery won’t fix the problem, and meds won’t make a difference, then you’re out of conventional options.

And then suddenly it becomes a lot easier to open up your mind, and consider the alternatives…

What if natural remedies could make a positive difference to your precious sick cat?

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Liz Hardy is the founder of, where cats are not just pets – they’re family.
  • Very pleased to have read your article! I would love to join your blog!

    • Glad you found it useful, Debbie! Would love to have you be a part of the community – you can join via the How to Stay Cool When Your Cat is Sick signup on the right hand side of the cat health articles blog, or via the How to Speak Pussycat signup via the Home page. 🙂

  • On of my cats is, like, always sick. He was a wild kitten with his brother and their mom was hitten by a car and dead. We took them both at home, and if his brother was always in super-health, Abyss was always sick. He had really bad blood diarrheas like twice a year, we always go to the vet and he was saying “he must have this diarrhea for days to be like this !!” but no… He’s fine, and then one day he’s sick as hell…
    They never found why he was doing this everytime. They just treated him to save him, but never found the WHY THE HELL IS HE SICK ???
    2 years ago, I was in animal osteopthy school, and the 3rd years were in clinic, so we took Abyss there, to see if they find something. After only 2 visits, well, they did something, even if they were still students ! It’s been 2 years and Abyss didn’t had any other diarrhea. And I was right about my theory : Abyss had an ombilical hernia (and his brother too) when we adopted them. Abyss had a surgery because it was really big and could kill him, but Ebèn had a really little one and never had any problem or surgery. And the scar was a big fat scar…And when I was in animal osteopthy school, we learned about the fascia, and that every tissu of the body is linked to another one. And Abyss’ scar was just a big thing pulling every tissues, fascia etc.. near it and was infact hurting his body a lot. They worked on the scar (it’s not gone but they did something), and now he has no diarrhea. So, osteopathy just saved my cat where vets couldn’t find a thing ?? It’s really amazing ! And yet, we only did 2 visits, with students !! Imagine with a diplomed osteopath ?? I’ve got to take Abyss to them, he has now dat damn coryza that won’t let go, he really need help, he’s sick as hell, and even plants aren’t really helping Q.Q) So yeah, just to say that vets are really cool to save your cats, do vaccins etc… but when they don’t find why your pet is ill or something else, try osteopathy, try natural medecine, try something else. Vets are not the solution to everything ♥

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Zorume; that sounds really stressful, as it’s always just devastating when your animals are suffering. Well done on getting to the root of the problem by trying different approaches! I personally agree that there are a wide range of excellent professionals out there, with different training and different approaches and it’s up to us as animal guardians to find the best possible solutions for our furry ones. Best of luck with this new challenge with Abyss – he’s lucky to have you. 🙂

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