Most Cat Websites See Pussycats as Pets…

But not this one!


cat websites should be about familyWelcome to Cat Mamas, the cat blog that sees fur babies as treasured members of the family.


I’m Liz Hardy.
Nice to meet you!

I write blog posts and web content for animal websites and businesses.
I love crafting content about fur babies of all kinds.

Although I’m a sucker for any cute animal with fur (you should see my husband), I’m primarily a Crazy Cat Lady.

I started my training early.
On my seventh birthday I got my first kitten, a squirming little ball of white fluff.
Even though he quickly grew into a homicidal maniac with claws like Freddy Kruger, I didn’t let that put me off.

I’ve shared my life with cats ever since.
I can’t even imagine a world where I’m not always covered in cat fur.

What to Expect on This Cat Website

Here at Cat Mamas, I focus on two cat topics.

fur babies everywhere

  1. The joys of life with fur babies.

When you share your life with pussycats, you get a large daily dollop of happiness.

They’re pure delight wrapped up in furry packages.

Feline fur babies are:

  • Natural comedians
  • Gifted acrobats
  • Zen meditation masters, and
  • So beautiful, they might’ve been hand-painted.

And they look stunning in every setting, don’t they?

Even when they’re stretched out all over the bed so you have zero chance of making it…

  1. A calm approach to cat diseases.

Most of the time, taking care of fur babies is sunshine and lollipops.
But sometimes the sun goes behind a cloud.

That happened when my little tabby Moofy was diagnosed with cat cancer.

cat diseases need a special approach

The vet told me there was nothing we could do.
It took me a few days to stop crying, and start thinking straight again.
And then I took a breath, had a serious talk with my stripy little tiger, and our adventure began…

We embraced alternative cat cancer treatments, and for almost two years after her terminal diagnosis, Moofy lived large.

She’d dance past my window in the rain, glancing sideways to see if I was watching.
She’d scramble up the living room curtains and swing there near the ceiling, eyes squeezed shut in bliss.
And every evening, she’d gallop urgently across the living room, and leap into my lap for her nightly cuddle.

This was the happiest cancer patient I’d ever seen!

Taking care of my special Moofy was an incredible privilege.
In many ways, it was a life changing experience.
I know cat diseases are hard to cope with.


So I offer some practical resources to help you care for a sick cat:



I hope you enjoy Cat Mamas!

If you need content for your cat blog or animal business, check out my writing services here.

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