Furry Babies Are Family – Not Just Pets! 


If your furry babies are more than just pets to you, you’ve come to the right place. was created for people just like you.

Here, we celebrate both the joys and the challenges of living with a furry family.

As all dedicated Cat Mamas know, keeping your cats happy and healthy sometimes takes more than a handful of kibble and a snuggle on the sofa!


Furry Babies – What’s Not to Love?


When you share your life with pussycats, you get a large daily helping of joy. They’re pure delight wrapped up in furry packages.

Liz Hardy talks about furry babies

Kitty cats are:

  • Natural comedians
  • Gifted acrobats
  • Zen meditation masters, and
  • So beautiful, they might’ve been hand-painted.

And they look stunning in every setting: whether they’re elegantly stretched out in a Marilyn Monroe pose, or smooshed upside down in between the sofa cushions.

The only thing kitty cats can’t do is speak!
But don’t worry – I’ve created a fun solution to that problem.
Now you can understand everything your cat says!


what are kitty cats really saying


But What About When Cat Diseases Strike?


Most of the time, taking care of furry babies is sunshine and lollipops.
But sometimes the sun goes behind a cloud.

That happened when my little tabby Moofy was diagnosed with cat cancer.
The vet told me there was nothing we could do.

It took me a few days to stop crying, and start thinking straight again.
And then I took a breath, picked up my little tiger, and our adventure began…

We embraced alternative treatments, and for almost two years after her diagnosis, Moofy lived large.

  • She’d dance past my window in the rain, glancing sideways to see if I was watching.
  • She’d scramble up the living room curtains and swing there near the ceiling, eyes squeezed shut in bliss.
  • And every evening, she’d gallop urgently across the living room, and leap into my lap for her nightly snuggle.

This was the happiest cancer patient I’d ever seen.

Taking care of Moofy was an incredible privilege.
But cat diseases are tricky to deal with.

They make you feel utterly alone and completely helpless.
If you get a diagnosis that makes you sick with worry, don’t panic.
You can start helping your cat right away…

how to deal with cat diseases

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