Month: December 2018

27December 2018

My 3 cats have some highly specialist skills.
But it’s easy for them to lose focus.

They’re about to achieve something amazing…
But then they fall asleep.

Clearly, what they need is a little guidance.

In fact, what they REALLY need are official cat jobs.

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25December 2018

If your cat’s tongue is out, do you laugh?

Do you look away politely, and wait until she tucks it away?
Personally, I burst out laughing …
And then try to ignore the death stare I get in return…

I can’t help it, of course.
I laugh every time…

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22December 2018

Cats in boxes are making cardboard cute all over the internet.

There are huge, fluffy cats in boxes, with their fur spilling over the edges.
There are little cats marooned in boxes that are far too big for them.
They look so silly!

But of course, they’re cats.
So they really don’t care.

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Liz and Hector cat selfie featured
21December 2018

When you try to take a cat selfie, what happens?

Does your cat snuggle into your neck, and look adorable?
Neither does mine.

My cats only have to glimpse a camera, and they start struggling like furry clawed demons.
I think I know why…

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Tricolor-Cats-Calicoes-or-Torties 2
20December 2018

Tricolor cats are beautiful, furry works of art.

They almost look like they’ve been hand-painted, don’t they?

But tricolor cats are complicated.
At least, ours are.

We have a mother and daughter pair: Calliope, and her little girl Snorty.
Now, these cats have really similar markings – but entirely different personalities…

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