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18December 2017

Animal communicators either have a wonderful gift – or are running a shameless scam.

It all depends on how you think.
Some people dismiss animal communication outright.
They put it into the same category as tea-leaf reading and crystal ball gazing.
They hear the jingling of gypsy bangles, and see a whole lot of cold reading going on.
That’s what I used to think, too.
Then my precious cat Moofy got sick, and no conventional treatment would help.
And something shifted in me.
Suddenly I was a lot more willing to think outside the vet’s office.
So I started looking around for non-traditional options.
I put in hundreds of hours looking for alternative ways of handling Moofy’s cat cancer.
(There are more weird and wonderful natural treatments out there than you could count!)
Then one day in my online travels through alternative cat health, I met an animal communicator.
She had a skill set that changed everything.
I quickly learned that when there’s a sick cat in the family – and especially when no traditional treatment will help – it’s a good idea to keep an open mind.

What does an Animal Communicator do?


In a nutshell, an animal communicator can evidently hear what your cat thinks.
An animal communicator will connect telepathically with your cat, ask her your questions, and relay the answers.
hear from your sick cat

Whoa! Isn’t that completely crazy? 
Bear with me for a second here.
To some people, the very idea of animals communicating at all is just plain ridiculous.
Especially telepathically!
But these are often the same people who think cats are merely pets.
They just eat and sleep, don’t they?
They certainly don’t have individual personalities, or genuine bonds with their poor deluded owners.
But think about it.
You already communicate with your cat in a thousand little ways:

  • You talk to her
  • You vary your tone of voice
  • You notice her facial expressions
  • You know what a flick of her tail means
  • You’ve seen her smile, and
  • You definitely know when she’s tired, or cranky.

In fact, you’re reading her all the time.
As cat mamas and papas, we know our little furry beasts are individuals.
They’re members of the family with their own quirks, habits and preferences.
To me, the idea of animal communication simply takes this deep understanding of your cat to the next logical level.

Animal Communicators Offer a Practical Tool

Animal communicators have a skill that’s much more than a parlour trick.
This process can directly benefit the treatment program you put in place.
an animal communicator can help
I’m not saying you should fire your vet.
Of course the vet should be your first port of call when you have a sick cat.
But an animal communicator can offer you an additional way to understand and help your furry patient.
In Moofy’s case, it helped in three important ways:

  1. It gave me new ideas for treatments, and insight into what wasn’t working (and why)
  2. It helped me understand my role in her healing process, and
  3. It strengthened our bond, and helped me to understand how she viewed her cat cancer.

These are practical outcomes, not airy-fairy predictions of a handsome stranger somewhere in my future.
Animal communicators helped me make subtle changes to the way I was treating my sick cat.
You already know that your furry one has strong opinions about a lot of things (from the best sleeping spot, to when it’s the ‘right time’ to cuddle).
So it’s not that surprising that a sick cat can tell you a thing or two about what she wants, and how to treat her.
If your vet is out of ideas, maybe your cat has some suggestions about her own health.
I know that given the chance, I’d certainly want to hear them.
How about you?

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Liz Hardy is the founder of, where cats are not just pets – they’re family.
  • As an Animal Communicator, I KNOW it is a real. It is easier to talk to someone else’s cats though, because they talk about stuff I know nothing about. My cats will be mysterious with me at times, though I have to say Samson is straight forward and the most amazing cat BECAUSE we communicate together. He is my child!
    More cat people believe in Animal Communication, I think because there are “Cat Trainers” who just want to tell the animal what to do & control them. I have gotten cats to do amazing things like not kill birds, use the litter box, share how they feel helath wise- all telepathically. It is wonderful and worth seeking out.

    • Thanks for your comments here, Ann Marie! I’m a big fan of animal communication myself, and have learned a lot about my cat from it. That’s really interesting that it’s more challenging to communicate with your own cats! I guess because you know them so well and you already communicate in a million ways all the time. I appreciate your thoughts! 🙂

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