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09January 2016

Cat cancer is a horrifying diagnosis.


It’s impossible not to panic when you hear those dreaded words.

But its terrifyingly common.
There are up to 6 million cases of cat cancer a year in the US alone.

If your cat has been diagnosed, your vet may be able to offer a treatment plan for your precious furry one.

My vet couldn’t.

My sweet cat Moofy had a fibrosarcoma.

Of all the types of cat cancers (and there are many), it’s one of the trickiest to treat.
The tumor was on her flank, very close to her spine, and surgery might well have left her unable to walk. quality of life cat cancerEven if we’d cut it out, the tumor would’ve been back within months anyway.
That option seemed lose-lose to me.

We couldn’t cure Moofy.

And so we chose to go down the natural path, and focus on giving her amazing quality of life for as long as possible.

Natural therapies bought me two more years of quality time with the Moof, and also turned her into the happiest cat cancer patient I’ve ever seen.

I couldn’t have stopped her climbing the curtains if I tried (which I didn’t).

If you’re thinking of taking the same path, here’s a quick rundown of the natural solutions that worked so well for us.


5 Safe Natural Solutions to Cat Cancer


1. Dietcancer in cats diet

On the advice of several animal naturopaths, we made the switch from dry to wet food.
Dry biscuits – even those super-expensive ones – are not ideal food for cats.

And that’s because:

  • They’re dehydrating, because they don’t supply any moisture
  • They’re not particularly nourishing, and
  • They’re often sprayed with an addictive substance that makes your cat crave them like crack.

High quality wet food provides better nutrition – and that makes your cat stronger, and more able to fight infection.

What does it cost? About $3 a day.


2.  Homeopathic drops

Homeopathy takes a holistic approach, treating the whole animal, rather than the symptoms only.

Moofy’s homeopathic drops addressed specific issues in her body, targeting chemicals and toxins, and supporting her body’s ability to heal itself.

What does it cost? About $20 a month.

3.  Immunity booster

Many researchers believe that cat cancer starts with a weakened immune system.
That means that your cat can’t fight off cancerous cells as they multiply in her body.

So it makes sense to strengthen her immune system with a targeted natural product.
After a lot of research, I chose Life Gold by Pet Wellbeing for Moofy.

It’s a natural tonic given twice a day with food. It boosted her immune system and helped her body to resist the cancer.

What does it cost? About $35 for 6 months.

4.  Bioptron Light Therapy

Bioptron uses polarised light rays which stimulate healthy cell regeneration.
Many hospitals use it on human patients to speed wound healing after surgery.
It’s painless, safe, and it was easily Moofy’s favorite cat cancer treatment.

I set up the light to shine on her tumor while she slept. cancer in cats therapies
I’m convinced it helped stop the tumor from splitting to become an open wound.

What does it cost? A one off investment of $800 (but I hired one first for a couple of weeks to try it out. We quickly couldn’t live without it).

5.  Energy Healing 

You may know energy healing as reiki.
Healers can transmit energy to your cat, supporting her self-healing and helping to keep her calm, pain-free and happy.

What does it cost?

It ranges from about $5 to $60. Or try it free from the Distant Healing Network.

So these are 5 natural solutions you might want to try.

None of them will hurt your furry patient, and most can be used alongside conventional cat cancer treatments.

Of course, I wish with all my heart that I could have cured Moofy.

But this cat relished every single day of her life.

She’d often dance past my window with her big stripy lump.
And every time she did, she was showing me hard proof that natural solutions can make a real difference to cancer in cats.

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Liz Hardy is the founder of, where cats are not just pets – they’re family.
  • Great advice. thank you.

  • Also, has a 2-product Combo for cancer that I would recommend you checking out. Its very reasonable. They also have the only (that I know about) alcohol-free dental gel. As you probably know, cats especially don’t metabolize alcohol well. Everything I have seen on the market has some amount of alcohol in it. “They”say, the amounts are so small, they’re “negligible”, but if used regularly & over many years, it could be an issue, so, I say, why take a chance.

    • Brilliant, thanks for the suggestion, Cheryl – I will check this out. It’s so important for the guardians to be as well informed as possible – but it’s very difficult with the tidal waves of information (and misinformation!) out there.

  • My Dave looks exactly like your Moofy. His sarcoma lump is btw shoulder blades & growing rapidly. Cannot cure & debulking will make tumor come back w vengeance. Plus recovery is hell. I’ll try any holistic supplements. Tumor growing rapidly. Please advise. I want Baby Dave longer. Thank you!!!

    • Sorry to hear it, Jeanie, I know exactly how you feel. Quality of life is what it’s all about. Please see my articles on the Sick Cat part of the site for ideas on what I did for Moofy. Hope it helps for Dave as well! Hugs to you both xoxo

  • Where do we get the Moofy’s homeopathic drops? I can’t find it- my cat has cancer. I got the life gold before for my other cat did nothing but bought it again.
    What about a nutritional supplement I can mix in water since she cannot eat it’s stomach cancer

    • Hi Diana, sorry to hear about your little cat. I got the homeopathic drops from a local naturopath who also works with animals. You might want to Google holistic vets or animal naturopaths in your area and get them custom made for your cat’s needs. They would be able to advise on a water based nutritional supplement. There are also broths you can buy as an alternative to solid food. Best of luck to you xox

  • My kitty has a sarcoma on the ankle of her right front leg. I live in a nowhere town in the middle of nowhere with no resources. Can you offer any suggestions

  • What a beautiful site, what loving care. We kept our precious girl alive probably 2 years longer than she would have expected to live with cancer in her ear. I use colloidal silver, in the food, in the water, spray it on… all around good “healer”. I take it myself daily. I use it on wounds, for my sinus – well for everything, easiest holistic substance to use. Dry food.. is a problem, and quality food is expensive, but, we often will do anything to save our precious friends. Thank you for your help here. I will remember this site.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Christy.
      I’m a fan of colloidal silver too, and your precious cat was so lucky to have you! xo

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