Life Lessons From Cats With Their Tongues Out

25December 2018

If your cat’s tongue is out, do you laugh?

Do you look away politely, and wait until she tucks it away?
Personally, I burst out laughing …
And then try to ignore the death stare I get in return…

I can’t help it, of course.
I laugh every time…

I caught Snorty with her head in the food bowl the other day, in a joyful lip-smacking moment.

While I laughed and took her photo, she just shrugged, and got on with her dinner.
It made me think about the incredibly healthy attitude cats have to life.
They’re SO secure that they can’t even entertain the idea they may look ridiculous.

That moment on the kitchen floor with the Snorts got me thinking.
What else can we learn from cats with their tongues out?

Well, as it turns out, quite a lot!

When you see a cat with her tongue out, you’re witnessing a special moment.
Your cat is going about her business – and in the process, showing we humans that attitude is everything.

The Wisdom of Cats With Their Tongues Out

Here are 6 useful lessons we can take from cats in all their licky glory.

1. A cat with her tongue out is a model of self-acceptance.

When your levels of self-acceptance are THIS sky-high, you can’t be self-conscious.
EVERYTHING about you is just fine.
That goes without saying.
You might have magnificent whiskers.
A long, impressively striped tail.

Or a bright pink, long cat tongue.

All of it is positive.
All of it is beautiful.

If only we humans could see our own features as naturally fantastic, too.

2. A cat with his tongue out radiates confidence.

Just take a look at this amazing ginger beast.
His tongue is out, but he’s looking you directly in the eye.
He’s ready to talk cat business; no problem at all.

Yep, give me a second…
My tongue is out just at the moment.
Right – what’s next on the agenda?

Just imagine having these kinds of confidence levels.
If we did, the world would be run by humans rather than cats.

3. A cat with her tongue out is vulnerable.

When cats are deeply engrossed in the act of washing or eating, they’re pretty exposed.

For a couple of minutes, they’re not aware of any threats.
The world has shrunk to that morsel in the food bowl.
Or that little section of fur that needs just another 4,000 quick licks.
But with cats, vulnerability is not about weakness.
They choose their moment, and a safe setting.

Humans could benefit from the same skill.
There’s an art to knowing when to lower your defences.

4. A cat’s tongue makes self-care into an art form.

When a cat begins a grooming ritual, you can see a proud act of self-love.
The repeated licking and preening of a cat’s fur is all about self respect.

Cats love to be clean.
They like to take care of themselves.

They know they’re worth it.

We’re worth it too.
But with humans, self-care can quickly drop to the bottom of the To Do list.

5. A cat with her tongue out is looking inward, not outward.

A cat who’s washing or snacking is not comparing herself to the competition.
She’s not looking around to see whether the cat down the road has it better than her.

She couldn’t care less about what Fluffy next door is having for dinner.
She’s not interested in whether his food is more expensive, or served in a silver bowl.
A cat has no need to compete.
She’s not playing any petty games.
She’s already a winner.

In the human world, competition has become a toxic habit.
Who cares if we have a bigger house, a sexier car?
Maybe, like our cats, we could just be happy with who we are.

6. A cat with her tongue out is in primal mode.

It’s easy to forget that our precious furry ones are actually highly dangerous predators.
Fuelled by pure instinct, the teeth and claws of your cat are utterly devastating weapons.

And they’re fine with that.

Cats are purrfectly comfortable with all sides of their nature.
They own their personal power, and know how – and when – to use it.
I think that’s inspiring.
Because we all have reserves of personal power.
But too often fear and anxiety gets in the way of us claiming it.

Who knew that cats with their tongues out could have so much to teach us?

Next time you see a cat looking silly in the middle of a serious washing session, look a little deeper.

Is she role modelling some kind of behaviour that would work for you?
That cat tongue could have more to say than you think!

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