Month: July 2015

natural remedies for sick cats
29July 2015

When you confess that you’re trying natural remedies to help your sick cat, many people will look at you sideways.


They’ll picture you with your head thrown back howling at the moon.
They’ll imagine you waving a magic wand over your furry little patient.

How ridiculous.

Chances are, you’re trying natural remedies because cat diseases don’t always respond to mainstream medicine! Continue Reading »

cat health issues make you anxious
29July 2015

When you’re dealing with serious cat health issues, anxiety soon becomes your new best friend.


It’s with you all the time.

Before you know it, you’re thinking about cat diseases 24/7 …
Even if your cat is doing pretty well!

When my little cub Moofy was diagnosed with cat cancer, I quickly turned into a Helicopter Cat Mama.

I’d hover around her, worrying about every tiny little thing:

Continue Reading »

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