Cat Diseases

    animal communicator featured
    18December 2017

    Animal communicators either have a wonderful gift – or are running a shameless scam.

    It all depends on how you think.
    Some people dismiss animal communication outright.
    They put it into the same category as tea-leaf reading and crystal ball gazing.
    They hear the jingling of gypsy bangles, and see a whole lot of cold reading going on. Continue Reading »

    when feline diseases can't be cured
    08September 2017

    Some feline diseases are simply too slippery to cure.


    They’re tricky to treat, and hard to control.
    They squirm their way right past many powerful therapies.

    These are the feline diseases that’ll break your heart.
    They make you feel completely helpless.

    But don’t give in to despair just yet.

    There’s every chance that there’s still something you can do.

    Continue Reading »
    does my cat love me
    31January 2016

    Taking good care of a sick cat is a challenge in itself.


    But when you already have lots of cats, things get a little more complicated.
    You need to make sure everyone in your cat family is happy.
    Including you!

    When my little tabby Moofy had cancer, we had 4 other cats too.
    Moofy’s cat cancer care routine was intense – she needed a lot of my time and attention. Continue Reading »

    09January 2016

    Cat cancer is a horrifying diagnosis.


    It’s impossible not to panic when you hear those dreaded words.

    But its terrifyingly common.
    There are up to 6 million cases of cat cancer a year in the US alone.

    If your cat has been diagnosed, your vet may be able to offer a treatment plan for your precious furry one.

    My vet couldn’t. Continue Reading »

    cat illnesses bring a gift
    05September 2015

    Cat illnesses bring a new level of fear into your life.


    Cat health issues can take worrying to a whole new level.
    Suddenly it’s an art form – and you quickly become very good at it.

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, cat diseases also bring a raft of daily challenges. Now your day has to stretch just a little more. Continue Reading »

    05September 2015

    Holistic medicine is often worth exploring when your fur baby is sick.


    This is especially true when traditional medicine can’t help.
    Suddenly, an alternative path looks pretty inviting.

    The best way to use holistic medicine is with the guidance of a holistic vet or animal naturopath.

    These professionals can help you design a treatment plan that uses a range of natural treatments to help your precious cat. Continue Reading »

    natural remedies for sick cats
    29July 2015

    When you confess that you’re trying natural remedies to help your sick cat, many people will look at you sideways.


    They’ll picture you with your head thrown back howling at the moon.
    They’ll imagine you waving a magic wand over your furry little patient.

    How ridiculous.

    Chances are, you’re trying natural remedies because cat diseases don’t always respond to mainstream medicine! Continue Reading »

    cat health issues make you anxious
    29July 2015

    When you’re dealing with serious cat health issues, anxiety soon becomes your new best friend.


    It’s with you all the time.

    Before you know it, you’re thinking about cat diseases 24/7 …
    Even if your cat is doing pretty well!

    When my little cub Moofy was diagnosed with cat cancer, I quickly turned into a Helicopter Cat Mama.

    I’d hover around her, worrying about every tiny little thing:

    Continue Reading »

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