10 Reasons Why Cats are the Best Life Coaches

17December 2016

If you share your life with a cat, you have your own personal life coach.


Think about it.

Cats are way ahead of us when it comes to personal fulfilment.
They know how to get exactly what they want – without lifting a paw…

And furry life coaches have some pretty major advantages over their human counterparts:

  • There’s no waiting – your cat therapist is available 24/7 (if he’s not sleeping, of course).
  • Fees are very reasonable – a bowl of cat food should cover it.
  • You don’t have to leave the house (or even get off the sofa!) to make your ‘appointment’.
    Your personal life coach is already curled up there, just waiting to, ah … help.


How to Tap Into the Healing Power of Cat Therapy

Here are the top 10 ways cats act as natural life coaches.

  1. Physical therapy is now easier than ever before

Many studies talk about exercise as a way to beat depression and find more energy and positivity.

But a personal life coach with fur takes a slightly different approach to physical therapy.

He’s more likely to recommend a snuggle and a nap.
Both are perfectly valid ways to feel better.

  1. Cat therapy involves zero judgement

Your cat therapist will never make you feel guilty or inadequate.

If you got fired from work, so be it. cat-therapy-means-no-judgement

If you had a fight with your boyfriend, it doesn’t matter that you have puffy red eyes and a food stained sweater.

A cat therapist reminds you that all the drama will pass.

You’re still your cat’s favorite human, no matter what happens.

  1. Purring is more calming than whale song

You won’t hear any DVDs of dolphins squeaking at each other in a cat therapy session.

Furry life coaches bring their own soundtrack – and perform it live, just for you.

There’s no sound as healing and calming as a purring cat!

  1. In cat therapy, your secrets are safe

secrets-are-safe-with-furry-life-coachesYou can tell your cat the most heinous secrets, and make the most outrageous confessions.

But rest assured, your cat will never break under interrogation.

Your skeletons will never get out of the closet…

This therapist can’t work the door knob.

  1. Cat therapy sessions are open-ended

Most life coaches charge by the hour.

But it’s hard to say when cat therapy sessions begin or end.
Sometimes you just need someone to watch terrible TV with you while you think things through.

No problem. Your personal life coach is happy to support you in this, too.

  1. A cat therapist forces you to carry on with daily life

No matter what kind of crisis you’re facing, your cat will still need dinner.dinner-is-part-of-cat-therapy

She reminds you that daily routines can be comforting.
Life will go on.

And that can of cat food won’t open itself.

  1. Cat therapy is all about reassurance

Even if you’re facing major upheaval in your personal or professional life, your cat offers you a series of reassuring moments.

Your personal life coach will trot up to say hello when you get home from work. That’s a comforting touchstone in your day.

Her little meow is a reminder that the world is still turning.

And you’re OK, after all.

  1. Cat therapy shows there’s always hope

Just one session of cat therapy highlights one important truth.

Whatever you’re dealing with, it can’t be that bad as long as there’s a cat in your life.

Cats are powerful symbols of positivity and hope.

  1. You can’t see a cat therapist without laughingfurry-life-coaches-make-you-laugh

Furry life coaches heal you with laughter every single day.

No matter how bad my day has been, when my little ginger maniac Hector comes bursting through the cat flap in a hysterical ball of bright orange stripes, I have to laugh.

That’s practical therapy right there – and I didn’t know we’d even started our session.

  1. Your personal life coach will help to keep your heart open

When something stressful happens in your life, it’s easy to close down, and shut people out.

You can’t do that with a cat. Your cat therapist demands your undivided attention. And cuddles are compulsory.

Having an open heart will help to speed up your own recovery process.

wake-your-personal-life-coachWhile you serve the cat food, of course.

So if you live with a cat, you’re already cocooned in loving support.

It’s easy to see why cats are the best life coaches around – even if you have to wake them up to begin your next cat therapy session.

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  • Wonderful!

    “Your skeletons will never get out of the closet…
    This therapist can’t work the door knob.”


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