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A trip to the vet can send your anxiety levels skyrocketing.

By the time you’ve wrestled your cat into her carrier and made it through traffic with a deafening soundtrack of MEOW MEOW MEOW in the background, you arrive at the vet a nervous wreck.

Then when you get home, you realise you forgot to ask some key questions.

And you can only remember part of what the vet actually said.

Oh, and now your furry little patient is glaring at you from under the sofa.

What was the point of all that stress?

This support package will make your next vet visit worthwhile.

You’ll get a personal email from me, and a copy of my Vet Visit Checklist to print out and take with you to your next appointment.

So at your next vet visit, you’ll be organised and focused.

By the end of your appointment, you’ll have the answers you need to all your vital questions.

The stress of a day trip to the vet will finally be worth it!


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