The Top 10 Superpowers of Cats: Boom! Pow! Meow!

top 10 superpowers of cats
05September 2017

It’s not only humans wearing lycra in public who can claim to have super hero powers.

Cats have them, too!

Not such a shock, really, is it?

Cats do impossible, magical things every day.
Their super hero abilities are real.

In the meantime, humans can only dream of having super skills.
They exist in movies and comic books, not daily reality.

But if you live with a cat, you also have your very own little superhero…
With fur.

Let’s take a closer look at these special super hero powers in action.

The Top 10 Superpowers of Cats – The Superheroes With Fur!

1. A Cat Superhero Can Fly

Step aside, Batman.
Cats can fly inside the house.

You’ve seen them take off straight upwards from a standing start.
They land, lighter than air, on top of the bookcase, the wardrobe, or on your brand new expensive curtains.

2. A Cat Superhero Fights Evil

Evil moods, that is.
How many times have you been stomping around your living room, or lying depressed on the sofa – only to be cheered up by your cat’s super hero power to fight sadness?

Your cat might launch into his best comedy routine to make you laugh.cats have super hero powers
Or throw himself into your lap for a fierce therapeutic cuddling.

And then you live to smile another day.

3. A Cat Superhero Has a Unique Costume

Cats are born with their special hero costumes already painted on.
That patch over one eye, or the bright orange stripes are no accident!

They’re individual furry costumes that reflect cats’ super identities.

4. A Cat Superhero Can Turn Invisible

And he doesn’t need to borrow Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak to do it.

Think about it: you’ve seen this super hero power a thousand times.

It’s time to bring your cat in for the night.
So you search for him all over the house.
You call at the back door. It’s beginning to rain.
You sigh, and start pulling on your raincoat…

No need! Suddenly he shimmers into view.
He’s been there the whole time, obviously.

You just couldn’t see him.

do you have a cat superhero


5. A Cat Superhero Leads a Double Life

Some cats are so good at this super hero power that they can lead a double, or even a triple life…

They often have multiple families they’ve charmed into giving them special little treats.

These double-life worlds never collide.
But the cat does keep getting suspiciously rounder…


6. A Cat Superhero Is a Shape Shifter

Cats can sleep in a flowerpot, draped over a pile of books, or on the kitchen draining board with the clean dishes.
It’s too easy; they simply adapt to the shape of their container.

Of course, they can also fluff up to double their size when psyching out a passing dog.
Or shrink down to kitten size when they need to fit through a door that’s only open a crack.

7. A Cat Superhero Can Tell Time Without a Watch

Many cats have a purely instinctive relationship with time itself.
They know how to wake you on the dot of 5:43 each morning – even on a Sunday.

It’s a skill, not an accident.
That’s a super hero power, alright.

8. A Cat Superhero is a Master of Disguise

A cat superhero can often blend seamlessly into the garden.
He’s disguised himself perfectly as part of the hedge.

But not all cats have fully mastered this particular super hero power.
A cat in full disguise stealth mode will often leave a tail sticking out from under the couch.
That kind of gives the game away.

9. A Cat Superhero Has X-ray Vision cat super power is seeing through worlds

This explains why you keep finding your cat staring thoughtfully at the wall.

He’s not looking blankly at nothing in particular.
Of course not.

He’s seeing through that wall, and possibly much further, into what lies beyond.

10. A Cat Superhero Has On-Demand Weapons

Your cat doesn’t need to shoot streams of spider webs when threatened.

She has sweet little pink velvet paws that hide an impressive set of razor-sharp knives.

And a friendly lick can easily turn into a savage bite from pointy teeth that can do some serious damage.

These are dangerous weapons fit for any proper superhero.

These are the Top 10 Superpowers of Cats

How many can you recognize in your own cat superhero?

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