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What Your Sick Cat Needs More Than Anything


A sick cat has plenty of special needs – from good vet care, to the right treatments.

But your sick cat needs one thing more than anything else…




When you’re a Cat Mama, your furry little one depends on you for everything.And taking care of a sick cat is hard, lonely work! The truth is:

  • You feel sick with worry
  • No-one understands why you’re so upset, and
  • You’re just so tired!

Burnout is not an option. Somehow, you must carry on.

A good support network helps. But your family and friends don’t quite get what you’re going through. They wonder if maybe you need to talk to someone.

Well, you can talk to me. I’m a Cat Mama too, and I get it. When my little Moofy was sick, I’d often wake up in the night to check on her. Sometimes I felt so helpless that I’d secretly cry in the shower.

If you need someone to hold your hand through this process, I’ll do everything I can to help you.
Get started with one of these packages.



Vet Visit Backup

Make your next vet visit worth all the trouble.

Cat Mama Super Powers

Help your cat with the special skills you already have.

Cat Mama Calm

Are you ready to stop feeling so anxious?

End of Life Support

How to be strong when your cat needs you the most.



How This Kind of Support Works

1. Choose one of the support packages below, and click the Order button.

2. You’ll get an email from me asking about you, and your precious little cat.

3. Reply to that email.

4. I’ll get back to you with personal advice and your free worksheet within 2 business days.

5. Love the advice, or let me know. I’ll simply refund you.

What’s Inside the Support Packages?

I’m glad you asked! Click on a Support Package above to find out more.


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