The A-Z of Crazy Cat Personalities

17December 2016

When you love cats, you’ve shared your life with one or two (or many more)!


You know that each one is utterly unique.

But people who don’t love cats may not agree.
They think that ‘cat behaviour’ is simple and predictable.

A cat is just a cat, they might say.
One is just like another.

We know better.
Cat personalities are as varied as human personalities.

So just to prove that cat behaviour ranges across a wide spectrum, let’s look at some quite different cat personalities at work (or more often, play)!

The A-Z of Cat Personalities

A – Adventurous

Cats who love adventure have a lot of energy.
They’re often out exploring the world.

Highly alert and always on the go, everything has exciting possibilities (even your socks while you’re trying to watch TV).

B – Brave love-cats-who-are-brave

Courageous pussycats are often busy patrolling the perimeter of your property.

At the first sound of a yapping dog or passing stranger, they’re off to deal with the disturbance.

And if a trespassing cat puts a paw into their territory, they’ll soon have that situation under control, too.

Bulletproof vest not required.

C – Clever

Clever cats will always – always – get what they want.

That might involve negotiating firmly with you for a third dinner at 3am. Or claiming the warm armchair next to the fire – every night.

You can’t out-manipulate these cats.
Don’t bother trying.determined-cat-behaviour-in-action

D – Determined 

Cats with this trait are super focused.

If they want to snooze with you on the bed, they’ll jump up again and again (and again) if you push them away. Dozens of times, if necessary.

Their wills are stronger than yours. Resistance is futile.

E – Elegant

Elegant cats could show Coco Chanel a thing or two about effortless style.

Sophisticated cats are secure in their own beauty.
They believe they make sleeping in a flower pot look good.

Just never laugh out loud when you see them doing it.

F – Friendly

A cat who likes to connect will often be pushy about getting enough affection.

Friendly cats are always up for a chat.
And whether that’s convenient for you is completely irrelevant.

G – Greedy greedy-cat-behaviour

Greedy cats like the good things in life – and plenty of them, thanks.

They’ll have more of whatever’s on offer: another dinner, another cuddle, another hour playing with that new cat toy.

Oh, and put some more wood on the fire, if you don’t mind. It could be warmer in here…

H – Hilarious

Some cats are blessed with the comedian gene.
Many orange cats will make you laugh out loud without even trying.

Funny cats are naturally good at physical humor, and do slapstick really well.

But even as they’re bouncing off the walls or exploring under the sofa cushions (while you’re sitting on them), they take themselves very seriously.

Laugh at their brilliant comedy performance, and they will be offended.

I – Independent

Independent cat personalities are often accused of being aloof.

But that’s not true. They’re simply interested in seeing more of the world.

They’ll be back to bond with you in good time.
And that usually means dinner time.joyful-cat-personalities-are-fun

J – Joyful

Some cats are hard-wired to express joy at the smallest things.

Stretching luxuriously in a patch of sunlight, purring loudly while they snort up a bowl of cat food … pussycats like these have more ways to express happiness than humans ever could.

K – Kittenish

Just like some people, some cats also refuse to grow up.

You might meet a middle aged cat still hurling herself at passing butterflies, as if she’s never seen one before. She has, of course…

About 1,000 times.

L –  Lazy

Non cat-lovers just assume that every cat sleeps all day and all night.

Granted, plenty of cats are embracing a work/life balance on an epic scale (95% sleep vs. 5% eating). But not every cat likes to sleep 24/7.

Some cats like to combine a long sleep with a quick 8 hour nap.

M – Melodramatic cat-behaviour-can-be-dramatic

These are the drama queens of the cat world.

If dinner is 5 minutes late, a melodramatic cat will perform a Shakespearean death scene on your kitchen floor.

It’s tragedy on a grand scale.

Luckily, the cure is at hand: a full dish of cat food.

N – Nervous

A timid pussycat is easily startled – by loud noises, sudden movements, or anything that wakes her up.

Don’t attempt to move house with these kinds of cat personalities.
Everyone in the family will be needing cat therapy after that.

O – Obedient cat-personalities-can-be-obedient

It’s not just dogs who can be trained to do tricks.

Some cats will follow orders, too.

Randomly, that is; when they’re in the mood, and when food-based rewards are involved.

P – Passionate

A passionate cat often comes across as clingy. These cats love you – really really love you.

They like to sleep on your head so they know where you are.

They block your way when you try to leave the house.
You’re their human, and don’t you forget it.

Q – Quiet

Some people think quiet cats must be ill. They don’t move much, and just open one eye and flick an irritated ear when you call them.

But in reality, a quiet cat just wants to be left alone to be beautiful in peace.

Usually only until they hear the can opener, though.
Then they suddenly get a lot more sociable.

R – Relaxed relaxed-cat-personalities-are-fun

Relaxed cats often look like they may be in a coma.

Chances are, they’re not: it’s just a lovely warm day, they’re full of cat food, and you’ve just rubbed their stomachs… Zzzzz….

S – Secure

Nothing fazes a particularly secure cat. Loud crashes from the kitchen, the roar of the hairdryer, the blast of the TV…whatever.

A secure cat is king of the household. He knows nothing will change that.

T – Talkative  love-cats-who-are-talkative

Some cat personalities are proud of their massive vocabulary.

From growling to hissing, meowing, mewling and everything in between, talkative cats have a lot to say.

But don’t worry if you miss the message.
They’ll keep right on talking.

U – Unreasonable

Unreasonable cat personalities make outrageous seem normal.

Yes, they want dinner, but not what you’ve just served.
Yes, they want a cuddle, but you’re on the wrong chair.

Honestly, you’re the problem here.
You really need to be a lot more flexible.

V – Vain i-even-love-cats-who-are-vain

While all cats are born beautiful, some are more aware of this fact than others.

These are the supermodels of the cat world.

They demand to be admired: if you can tell them that they’re breath-taking at least a dozen times a day, that’s a good start for a healthy relationship.

W – Wandering

Some cats are natural born travellers. They like to be out on the open road, terrifying dogs, checking out new cats and seeing the world.

They’re wild and free, alright. Right up until they get hungry.

Y – Young at Heart

Many elderly cats refuse to let go of their youth.

They’re intent on stalking a potential mouse under the fridge – but they may fall asleep in the middle of the kitchen floor while on watch.

Z – Zany

Wacky cat personalities are a challenge.

They tear around the house chasing invisible flying prey, or leap from the sofa to your shoulders (using their razor sharp claws to land, naturally).

Just remember it’s safer for you to take the Valium, than give it to your cat.

As you can see, there’s just no such thing as standard ‘cat behaviour’.

Cat personalities are just like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get.

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Liz Hardy is the founder of, where cats are not just pets – they’re family.
  • I agree with different personalities, 5 of mine will take up an entire window ledge,No6 turns up and suddenly there’s a space for him/her

    • Hilarious, John! That is either one very long window ledge, or your cats don’t mind sacrificing some personal space!

  • I’ve got 5 cats (3 now, 2 are bright stars in the sky), and did the test : I saw 20 personalities out of this list !! Love ’em so much ♥ They’re all so unique and different, they’re wonderful !

    • How gorgeous, Zorume! I’m always amazed when non-cat people think kitties are all the same! So not true!

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