Cats at Work! 14 Purrfect Jobs for Cats

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06September 2017

Do you share your couch with a high-achieving career cat?

I’m betting you probably do.
But it’s not always easy to tell, is it?

That’s because cats are subtle creatures.
They don’t go around handing out business cards, or shaking paws at networking events.

Your career cat is probably getting the job done with a minimum of fuss.

So take a second look at your kitty…
Is he really simply passed out snoring on the couch?
Or is he actually hard at work being a career cat?

He just might be at the top of his game in one of these feline professions.

14 Jobs for Cats – Which Career Has your Kitty Chosen?

the career cat yoga instructor

1. Yoga Instructor

Your cat’s spine-twisting contortions and impossible leg stretches have a purpose.
They’re demonstrations of advanced yoga poses.

Of course, your cat knows there’s no chance you could ever reach his yoga master status.
Let’s not be ridiculous.

But he’s kind enough to show you how it’s done anyway.
2. Superhero

When your cat goes flying across the room, or suddenly disappears into thin air, he’s not trying to drive you crazy.

He’s busy doing one of the most important jobs for cats.
He’s a real life superhero with fur.

Humans don’t always see it.
We think superheroes have to wear their underpants on the outside.

But that kind of short sightedness is hardly your cat’s fault.
3. Counsellor

When you’ve had a terrible day or an upsetting piece of news, you need comfort and support.

No problem. Look who’s sitting next to you on the sofa.
Your career cat has just clocked in for work.
He’s purring with concern, and snuggling up to you.

It’s his job to make you feel better, and he takes his professional responsibility pretty seriously.
cats at work can be writers4. Writer 

All kinds of writing can be tricky.

Your cat knows this.
That’s why he likes to leap up onto the keyboard, and help you out.

Now, if you can’t see the value of helpful feedback like: 5%$%%^ooooooooooooo*, well, that’s not really his problem, is it?
5. Masseur

When your cat sits on your lap, your chest, or even your head, and starts kneading, he’s offering a service.

You’re getting a free massage from an expert.
Never mind that it’s actually your neck (rather than your face) that needs a rub.

That’s hardly the point.
6. Psychic

Many cats are called to work as psychics.
They’re perfectly comfortable having a paw in this world, and the next.

When your cat stares intently into space, and then looks meaningfully at you, she’s transmitting important messages.

Naturally, we humans are not evolved enough yet to pick up news from The Other Side via ESP.

Oh well, cat psychics say, before heading off for a snooze: I tried my best.
7. Security 

cats at work are security expertsSome career cats lean naturally towards security detail.
They’re committed to patrolling the perimeter several times a day.
Your cat knows humans are hopeless, and need to be guarded and protected.

Take that new tabby who’s just moved in across the road, for example.
He looks like trouble, for sure.
But don’t worry: your cat has the situation under control.
8. Sleep clinic subject

If your cat is particularly skilled at napping, you might find that he’s working in one of the more common jobs for cats.
He’s involved in a complicated and long-term sleep trial.

His sleep patterns are being tracked and carefully measured.
The results could be ground-breaking.

He’s not being lazy – how insulting!
He’s making sacrifices in the name of science.
9. Acrobat

Cats secretly laugh at the way human gymnasts train for years to refine their skills.

Many cats are natural acrobats, with the ability to spring directly upwards, bounce off the back of the couch, and land perfectly on their feet with a proud little flick of the tail.

They just wish their humans would show a little appreciation of cats at work.
All that shrieking in alarm does nothing for their concentration. do you have a comedian career cat
10. Comedian

Some cats have a funny streak they just can’t hide.
These career cats work as professional comedians.

Whether they’re curled up in the kitchen sink, sleeping on your face, or furiously washing the dog, comedian cats are effortlessly funny.

And an audience of adoring humans is not what they call a tough crowd.
11. Food critic

This is one of the more coveted jobs for cats.
The fussy eaters grab this career opportunity with both paws.

If your cat is super picky about food, you’re living with a professional food critic.
It’s pointless to try and serve cheap cat food to these sophisticated palates.

You’ll just have to make an extra trip to go out and buy the expensive stuff.
That’s on you.
You should know by now you need to have dozens of cat food flavors on hand.
12. Packer

If your cat is obsessed with sitting in cardboard boxes, she probably has a job in the packing industry.

In the cat world, there’s an urgent need to inspect cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes.
This skill set is in high demand.

It’s important work for a career cat, so don’t interrupt your career cat a supermodel
13. Supermodel 

Cats who work as supermodels don’t wait to be discovered.
They’ve already discovered themselves!

They know they’re breathtakingly gorgeous.
So they generously pose on the windowsill for hours at a time.

And cat standards of beauty are not all about being skinny.
It’s possible to look good with your head deep in the cat food bowl.
14. Dog trainer

Cats snort at their humans’ attempts to train dogs.
All that sit, stay, heel business is ridiculous.

There are already cats at work sorting this out for us.
You should be able to figure that out from all the hysterical barking coming from the dog next door.

So now you know how to tell the difference between cats on a break, and cats at work.

And as you might expect, cats with jobs are committed professionals.
But don’t worry: they always have time for another stroke, and a quick extra dinner.

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