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cat mama calm package

A sick cat can make even the most grounded person seriously anxious.

Before you know it, your cat’s health has become an all-consuming obsession.

You flap around your furry patient like a worried mother hen. You monitor every little change, and panic very easily.

You spend hours online searching for miracle cures.

And suddenly, you seem to feel anxious all the time.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Yes, taking care of your precious little one is stressful. But there’s a lot more to this experience than 100% worry.

There are beautiful moments, too, and you’ll miss them if you’re lying down with another stress headache.

This support package will show you how to bring some calm back into your life.

You’ll get a personal email from me, and a copy of my Cat Mama Calm Worksheet. This will give you specific techniques for controlling your feelings of panic, and getting some much-needed perspective.

When you’re calm instead of hysterical, you can give your cat much better care.

You and your little furry patient can both breathe a sigh of relief!


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