Does My Cat Love Me? 10 Sure Signs of Kitty Love

02May 2016

Do you ever secretly ask yourself: Does my cat love me?


Our furriest family members are masters at sending mixed messages.

One minute they’re throwing themselves at your legs in a fierce display of affection. And the next minute, they stalk off with a look of “Oh, just stop bugging me”.

So how do you measure cat love? What does it look like?

Actually, it takes lots of forms. Run through this list, and tick off how many expressions of kitty love you get from your pussycat.

The clues quickly start to add up. And pretty soon, you’ll never again need to ask yourself: Does my cat love me?

10 Sure Signs Your Cat Loves You

1. Your pussycat brings you gifts of love.

Does your cat bring you offerings from the kitty world gift shop?

She might present you with big green leaves from the garden, a poor little mouse who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, dead moths, or even clean laundry that’s fallen off someone’s clothesline.

I know a cat who steals construction materials from a building site and brings them home proudly for her horrified guardian.

Here’s a little bag of nails for you, Mom!

These gifts may not be on your birthday wish list, but there’s no mistaking the purity of the intention. When you’re a cat, nothing says “I love you” more clearly than a dead mouse.

signs your cat loves you

2. Your cat loves to hang out with you.

Your cat spends time with you because she thinks you’re great company. Especially when you keep up an endless stream of compliments.

She may not jump all over you, or perch on your shoulder like a furry parrot, but the fact that she seeks you out and settles down in the same room as you is a clear sign that you’re high on her Favorite Human List.

3. Your cat can say “I love you” with a look.

When your cat gazes at you lovingly, her message is clear. She might slit her eyes, or give you a long, contented blink. It’s an intimate, trusting exchange that allows your cat to express her love without saying a word – and, in fact, without even getting off the sofa.

more signs your cat loves you

4. Cat hugs speak for themselves.

Some cats express their love loud and clear in physical gestures.

Your pussycat openly declares her love when she climbs onto your lap, or nestles into your neck for a snuggle. She wants to be close to you. This is the feline equivalent of a bear hug (do we maybe need to call it a cat hug?).

5. Purring is a roar of love.

Purring can mean various things, but cats often use it to express pure happiness.

A purring cat can be actually vibrating with joy. She’s not going to start up her kitty motor for someone she doesn’t like that much.

purring means kitty love

6.  Cats check in regularly with the “pride”.

My little pride of 3 cats are always checking in with each other – and with me. Who’s sleeping in here? Is it dinner time? What’re you doing? Are we playing now? And is it dinner time, or what?

These are all ways of touching base and re-establishing our connection as a happy furry family.

7.  Your cat shows she trusts you.

When your cat stretches out on her back in front of you and falls asleep, that means she feels safe. She’s completely relaxed, and knows she can trust you.

You don’t do that with someone you don’t love! She would never act like that with a stranger, or someone she hadn’t built up a relationship of trust with.


8. Sometimes “meow” translates directly as “I love you”.

OK, so I don’t have a cat translator to hand, but if you listen carefully, you’ll be able to pick up on a cat’s tone of voice when she speaks.

“Meow” can definitely mean “I love you” in cat language! A happy “meow” is tonal. And it’s often followed by a head bump, just in case a dense human doesn’t get the message.

9. Body language can speak louder than words.

Your cat expresses love by the way she holds her body. A relaxed cat who stretches slowly, and gazes at you is shouting “I love you!” just by lying down.

No wonder cats don’t bother to learn to speak!

10. Cat play time is a fun way to express love.

When your cat cavorts with you, it’s a bonding experience. She’s showing you that you play a vital role in her world, and she loves to have fun with you.

kitty love playtime

Who knew there were so many expressions of kitty love?

The next time you ask yourself Does my cat love me? – you won’t have to look far for the answer!

If she shows you one or more of the behaviours in this list of kitty love signs, you can be pretty sure the answer is YES!

Let’s just hope she doesn’t say “I love you” with a dead mouse too often…

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  • Dear Liz,

    Abby is a very loving cat. It’s all about cuddling up close next to us and purring softly; it’s what she does best. For me, her hours of purring love are a gift because I am often ill, and her purrs are very healing. When I’m down, we get cozy together and spend the time writing for She enjoys being with me and I am richly blessed to have her as a dear furry friend . . . I can’t imagine life without her sweet love.

    Cat McMahon

  • This is so true! And I even learnt a few ones! Cool article

  • I love cats too lol!

  • I started to check out your website and so far…. I love it! I think it’s great that you get to learn things here. I love cats, so I love that many people care so much about them like I do! I used to have a cat until she passed away 2 years ago. But seeing things like these cheers me up a bit to see people share things about cats and many other animals. Keep up the great work on this website!

  • I just got a new kitten for Mother’s Day from my Granddaughter. She felt bad for me since it had been 2 weeks since 1 of my 5 and a half year old brother cat’s had passed away from a sudden illness. Also she thought the other cat was lonesome for his brother. Well let me tell you she couldn’t have pi ked a better little kitten. He is so much fun. Was litter trained already, just came from the farm. Picked up on his name quickly. Learning the meaning of NO. Plays with the older car and they get along very well. It like having a child around , because at night I have to go around and pick up all the car toys he has drug out and played with during the day and put back in the box. I think all my other cats that have passed on had gotten together in Kitty-Car Heaven to make sure this special little guy made his way to my house thanks to my Granddaughter.
    Nancy B

    • Oh, that’s wonderful, Nancy! You’ve got a new little member of the family who’s fit right in! Lovely to hear. 🙂

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