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cat illnesses bring a gift
05September 2015

Cat illnesses bring a new level of fear into your life.


Cat health issues can take worrying to a whole new level.
Suddenly it’s an art form – and you quickly become very good at it.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, cat diseases also bring a raft of daily challenges. Now your day has to stretch just a little more.

There’s medicine to measure, experts on cat diseases to consult, and maybe some complementary treatments to fit in there somewhere too.

cat illnesses make you worry

But Cat Illnesses Also Offer a Wonderful Gift…

It takes you by surprise, because it’s completely unexpected.

Taking care of a sick cat is a bonding experience that takes your relationship with your little cub to a whole new level.

This is a beautiful thing.
It’s so rewarding that it easily cancels out all the worry
(and even the vet bills).

It took me a while to really understand how special this
deeper bond with my cat could be.

But very early one morning, I finally got it.
And it made coping with cat illnesses just a little easier.


Cat Diseases Put Everything in Perspective!


One Tuesday morning, around 4.30 am, my little cat Moofy
landed on the bed beside me with a gentle thump, and a chatty meow.

What’s going on? she asked.

I opened one eye, and squinted into the darkness.
I could see her big fluffy tumor sticking out in silhouette.

Despite the barbaric hour, I had to smile.
I closed my eyes again.

cat health issues teach you something

Moofy purred loudly in the semi-darkness, and started kneading the soft blanket. By the time she curled up tightly against me, she was roaring like an idling motor.

And by then, of course, I was fully awake.

I lay there, thinking about everything I had to do that day, and watching the morning light start to filter in through the curtains.

And I realized something interesting.

Before Moofy got cancer, I was never this forgiving with early morning pussycat demands.

I’m ashamed to admit I would’ve probably pushed her away.

Come back later, Moof. I’m trying to sleep.
You’ll have to wait for breakfast.


But Cat Health Challenges Change Everything


When you have a sick cat, big changes happen in your thinking.


  • Your connection with your cat becomes stronger

You see you might have less time left together than you thought.
So you start appreciating the special moments of intimacy.

focus on love

You savor each little exchange of affection.


  • You change – for the better!

Taking care of Moofy made me a little kinder and a bit less selfish.
My focus shifted from my needs to her well-being.

The New Me was delighted that she would seek me out for a cuddle – even at 4.30 in the morning.


  • Suddenly, you’re living in the present

That morning as I lay there awake, I had one hand on my purring cat, and the other on my sleeping hubby (who’s also pretty furry, by the way).

There I was, with my two special furry creatures sleeping safely beside me.

And in the dawn light, I smiled.
Actually, it was more like a grin.

I could worry about the future later, because nothing was getting in the way of relishing that perfect moment. That moment was a beautiful gift.

In an ideal world, you’d never have to deal with any cat diseases.

But in the meantime, cat illnesses give you a rare opportunity. You get to feel a deep connection with your furry one that you might never have experienced otherwise.

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Liz Hardy is the founder of, where cats are not just pets – they’re family.
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